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Outreachy Week 5: My project and progress so far

Hi everyone!

In today’s blog post, I will explain what my internship is about and what progress I have made so far. I am an Outreachy intern with the GNOME Foundation working on the Create infrastructure for Performance tracking for librsvg project. 

librsvg is a library that is commonly used to convert SVG documents into raster images, and it is utilised by various projects such as the GNOME desktop to render their icons from SVG assets. There have been attempts to improve librsvg’s performance in terms of memory and CPU usage, but there is currently no system in place to monitor these efforts.

My internship project is to create a metrics tracking infrastructure for librsvg. This includes creating a web application to store the metrics data and render graphs for this data showing the changes in the data over time. The other part of the project is selecting the appropriate metrics and generating the metrics data reliably in CI. To do this, I intend to use cachegrind.

The work is going on quite well and I have learnt a lot over the past few weeks. So far a basic Flask backend API and a React frontend using Chart.js for graphs is ready. The code currently lives at

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year to all!

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